How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

The number one reason people skip workouts is because they don’t feel like it. Motivation will never be a constant in your fitness journey. Yes, you will certainly have days where you are energized and excited to get in the gym, go for a run, or make it to yoga class, but more often than not, it’s going to feel like a chore. Here are some of our tips for keeping yourself motivated, and ways to get your workout in even when the desire is not there. 

  1. Remember why you started
    Take a moment to reflect on why you decided to begin this journey in the first place. Whether you began this challenge for weight loss, improved health, or any number of other reasons, remembering your original motivation for embarking on this journey will give you an incentive to get your workouts in. 
  1. Ask yourself, “will I regret skipping this workout?”
    No one ever regretted a workout. Next time you’re debating whether you should get to the gym that day, ask yourself how you will feel when you’re finished. Accomplished? Strong? Proud? Those are feelings worth working for. 
  1. Track your success
    Keep a planner to mark days you stayed consistent with your diet and workouts. Reward yourself for hitting milestones such as 7 days straight of consistent diet and exercise or decreased weight by 10 lbs. Celebrating little successes will keep you motivated to achieve your bigger goals. 
  1. Do it for the healthy balance of food and fitness
    Everyone loves to treat themselves from time to time. Staying active and consistent allows you to have a cheat meal without derailing your progress. Remember, it’s a cheat meal, not a cheat day.
  1. Sign up for classes ahead of time
    Hold yourself accountable. By signing up for classes in advance, or even paying for them in advance, you are setting the intention in your mind that you are going to go to that class. It can also be helpful to pay in advance, as there is a negative consequence if you don’t do the workout (wasting money). Remember, successful people don’t achieve their goals by only working when they’re motivated. Motivation is the impetus for starting a journey, and can help you persist in chasing those goals along the way, but it should not be the sole driver behind your actions. Working out consistently, even when you’re not motivated, can make going to the gym habitual, ultimately making it easier to do it over time. There are two things you can control when it comes to working out: effort and attitude. Choose to put forth the best version of each every day and you will see results.