Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use the Whey Protein Isolate if I have a lactose allergy?
    Although most believe they cannot use a whey protein supplement due to lactose intolerance, our Whey Protein Isolate is simply the milk protein without the lactose. It may be possible to find miniscule amounts of lactose in
    the powder.
  2. Is the Pure 21 Wellness Challenge dairy-free?
    While the challenge isn’t explicitly dairy-free, we do consider the majority of dairy foods and dairy-containing products as unapproved.
  3. Are headaches a normal part of the Pure 21 Wellness Challenge?
    Yes. Your body is going to give you signs that it’s not happy that you’re removing the foods that aren’t healthy. These will subside.
  4. Can I take the challenge while pregnant or trying to conceive?
    We don’t recommend taking the challenge while pregnant. With the supervision of your healthcare provider, you can do the challenge while trying to conceive, however, we recommend stopping the challenge if you become pregnant.
  5. If I have a misstep during the program, should I stop the challenge?
    Results are proven even with minor mistakes. This challenge isn’t all or nothing.
  6. Can I continue to take other supplements during the Pure 21 Wellness Challenge?
    Yes, you may continue to take other supplements and/or vitamins, but as always, we do recommend talking to your healthcare provider.
  7. Can I use sugar-free sweetener?
    Yes, sugar-free sweeteners such as Stevia are a great alternative.
  8. Is bright yellow urine normal?
    Yes, bright yellow urine is normal during the Pure 21 Wellness Challenge. This is due to the increased B vitamins in many of the supplements.
  9. Will I have to cook separate meals for myself and my family?
    No. Your family can enjoy the approved recipes without taking the supplements, so there won’t be a need to cook separate meals.
  10. Can I eat at restaurants?
    The program supports clean eating, so if you’re making decisions based upon the approved food list and basic principles, you may eat at restaurants. Keep in mind that there are ingredients used during the cooking process that aren’t explicitly called out on the menu, so ask questions and make substitutions as needed.
  11. Can I continue intermittent fasting?
    We don’t recommend intermittent fasting while completing the challenge. One of the main principles is five meals per day to revitalize your metabolism.
  12. How often can I do the challenge?
    Since we recommend waiting 6-8 weeks between Pure Start cleanses, please wait at least this long before restarting the full challenge. Most Pure 21 alumni retake the challenge every 6 months or so and stick to what they learned in between.
  13. Can I purchase the Pure 21 supplements separately?
    Yes. We also offer Pure 21 products through our Subscribe for Deals program which allows you to set up automatic shipments at a discounted price.
  14. Do Pure 21 supplements contain soy?
    The Digestive Enzymes and Multivitamin contain soy.
  15. Can I take the challenge if I have been diagnosed with medical conditions such as diabetes, liver disease, cancer (active), etc.?
    While we do not recommend completing the challenge with such diagnoses, you may consult with your physician.
  16. Can I take the challenge if I have thyroid problems or am taking thyroid medication?
    We always recommend consulting with your healthcare provider to discuss how the Pure 21 Wellness Challenge can impact medical conditions.
  17. Do any supplements contain stimulants that could raise heart rate or blood pressure?
    Caffeine can be found in the chocolate Whey Protein Isolate in miniscule amounts.
  18. I have trouble taking pills. Can I still complete the challenge?
    Yes. There are alternatives for taking the pills. For example, you may open the capsule and mix it with your desired liquid, just keep in mind that the capsule for many supplements masks the unpleasant taste of any ingredients.
  19. Are Pure 21 supplements all natural?
    No, Pure 21 supplements are not considered all natural.
  20. Are corn products allowed on this program?
  21. What should I do if I’m still hungry after meeting my daily meal requirements?
    Add an extra meal or snack, but ensure it follows the principles of the program.