Best Practices for Before and After Pics

Capturing your progress is an important part of keeping you motivated along your Pure 21 journey. Before and after photos give you tactile, physical data that prove how effective your efforts have been. No matter what your personal goals are, one of the best ways to capture the changes to your body is by taking a photo each week. Below are our top tips for getting the best results from these before and after pics. 

Natural light is best

If you can, try to take these pictures during the day, and take them at the same time of day each time you take a photo to keep things consistent. Natural light is going to produce a better, more realistic picture, giving you a clear idea of how your body is progressing. 

Wear formfitting clothing or a swimsuit

One of the most important things about seeing the changes in your body is…well… seeing your body! It will not be easy to tell how your body has progressed if you take these pictures in a baggy sweatshirt. Remember, these pictures do not need to be shared with anyone other than yourself. These are to document your personal journey, not to get likes on Instagram (but that’s okay too). 

Use a white or solid color wall as a backdrop

Taking your photos in front of a monochromatic wall will make you the main focus of the picture. Walls with patterns or textures may not only take away from the star of the show, but depending on their shape, may also affect how your body looks in the pictures. Having as few variables in your pictures as possible is key to success. 

Take multiple photos

Because Pure 21 is both a nutritional and exercise regimen, you will see changes to your whole body, not just your tummy. So, be sure to take pictures of every side of you to get a holistic view of your progress. Our recommendation is to take one from the front, one from the back, and one from each side of you to capture your whole body. 

More non-scale victories

Not a fan of scales or photos? Try a different kind of “before.” Recording your body measurements, observing your posture, or tracking your energy levels are all great options! Whatever you choose, make sure to capture your “before” at the beginning of your journey. Your future self will thank you. 
Taking these photos will drive you to keep going on days that sticking to the program seems more challenging than usual. Additionally, they will give you something to reflect on when you’re done. You’ll be able to look back at your day-one photo and see how far you’ve come. When that day comes, congratulate yourself for prioritizing your wellbeing and being dedicated enough to see the results. Remember, this is all or something, not all or nothing. No matter what, you will have accomplished something great.