Are YOU Drinking Enough Water?

As we all know, hydration is key to our everyday life. It is a NECESSITY. Proper hydration is needed to aid with weight loss, keep our skin hydrated, help with exercise performance, lubricate our joints, regulate body temperature, carry nutrients and oxygen to our cells, assist in flushing out waste, help dissolve minerals and nutrients to make them accessible to our body, the list goes on.

You should always have a water bottle with you to avoid being thirsty and to know how much water you’re taking in each day. Not only is your water bottle at your disposal, but it will help avoid temptation to go buy something else, such as a soda or another sugary beverage.

It is recommended you drink half of your body weight in ounces of fluids a day, mainly water. Caffeine does count towards your overall fluid intake, but it is a diuretic, which means it is stripping water from you. Experts say drinking more water to combat this is a good idea. The number of total ounces you should drink varies based on lifestyle factors, which can include exercise.

Drinking water helps us to maintain the balance of our body fluids. You may or may not know, but our bodies are made up of 60% water. These bodily fluids help with digestion, absorption, circulation, creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients, and maintenance of body temperature.

We lose water daily as we sweat, go to the bathroom, and breathe. The only way to replace water that is being lost is through eating and drinking. Our bodies wouldn’t function without water intake. We must replenish our water supply with foods that contain water, along with beverages.

Some foods that are high in water content include melons, peaches, oranges, celery, lettuce, and zucchini. Notice that all of these foods are fruits and veggies, which means you are getting a lot of water from Pure 21 Challenge approved foods.

Water boosts our energy by delivering the proper nutrients to all the cells in our body. Water helps the digestive process by moving those nutrients through our system. It helps to keep things in constant motion, which is why people start running to the restroom more frequently as they increase water intake. This is your body’s way of excreting things and getting rid of what is not needed, as well as getting adjusted to the new level of fluid that you are putting into your body. Water also helps hydrate our skin; it helps protect against aging and wrinkles. So, who wouldn’t want to drink a glass now while reading this blog?

A lot of the time when people think they are hungry, they are truly thirsty. Drinking water does quench our thirst, but it does way more than that. it is necessary to keep our body functioning properly and feeling healthy. Overall, water is essential and needs to be something you focus on everyday so your systems can run properly. Remember that water IS your friend and proper hydration is key!